2.3 Candidate [#3641]

The autobuilder started build 3641 of candidate 2.3 on Mon, 21 Dec 2020 11:50:04 +0000 and produced 8 packages. The build contains 2 commits, and the most used tags are Client, Definitions, Fixed and Video.


Windows 7
(or later)
66.1 MB
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MD5: 7bedd62e3f26a35ac75ec9f3518f9aa2
MSI 64-bit Mirror
71.9 MB
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MD5: 720e22f13c60cdd3540414d887a9ad9a
ZIP 64-bit Mirror
60.9 MB
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MD5: 8f292e73015ffd6afff37d97fa3cd157
MSI 32-bit Mirror
64.8 MB
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MD5: 2c43df34904934dc061f26f2d88cc21f
ZIP 32-bit Mirror
macOS 10.10
(or later)
103.1 MB
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MD5: 5e1f7a241c513f5cea00d3c7bbedcdda
DMG 64-bit Mirror
Ubuntu 18.04
45.3 MB
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MD5: aa78fedf6cca373548daa3e836bb96be
DEB 64-bit Mirror
Fedora 23
40.3 MB
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MD5: 919581d6c77c61c94ad42c9ac132d77e
RPM 64-bit Mirror
47.8 MB
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MD5: 4c2a33627c6d29f0fb9c061b454aea46




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