2.3 Unstable [#3617]

The autobuilder started build 3617 of unstable 2.3 on Fri, 27 Nov 2020 05:10:04 +0000 and produced 8 packages. The build contains 1 commit, and the most used tag is Scripting.


Windows 7
(or later)
66.1 MB
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MD5: a856e549b1eb700e14104ac1d6fb4a2b
MSI 64-bit Mirror
71.9 MB
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MD5: 14ee3448191340a9ef5702490d39d689
ZIP 64-bit Mirror
60.9 MB
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MD5: c1408d49e7883bbc0dfd31c9640921d1
MSI 32-bit Mirror
64.8 MB
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MD5: 705d5acdbaf19b0b4eb38ad176b6a003
ZIP 32-bit Mirror
macOS 10.10
(or later)
103.1 MB
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MD5: 209a67d4ce28cf2e6c0d0c949bf9b98d
DMG 64-bit Mirror
Ubuntu 18.04
45.3 MB
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MD5: 431a4cb7c9e989a5dbf6d3f0ed6ba6d3
DEB 64-bit Mirror
Fedora 23
40.3 MB
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MD5: a539ef47d109b625cb8305a72e5e8a59
RPM 64-bit Mirror
47.8 MB
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MD5: b1a233509a88ec1d0c63ce7ef08d984a



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